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One in Three is a real tune from Name One and Maxxi Soundsystem. The Defected crew released this teaser which should officially be available November 4th, 2013. Expect to hear it soon all over exclusive happy hour spots and maybe even some opening sets. Spinning this track should help people gradually feeling the nu-disco esque mood of the party, while keeping one ear on the small talk. You might see a few heads bopping mid-conversation. Maybe even some beginners footwork. Try it out because honestly mate, you should only #SpinRealTunes. 

Genre: Indie Dance / Nu-disco (with some Deep House elements)

Temperature: Warm

Best served: During happy hour OR right before peak. This track could also be used as a quick filler during peak. 

Official Release date: November 4th, 2013

Recommended mix: Loop first 16 bars to mix in. Be sure to mix in a more upbeat track before the 40+ second bass drop at 1:10. Suggestions below:

1. Magic: Olympic Ayres

2. Maybe: Meramek (Warning: This banging track is mostly instrumental and could get repetitive. Have another tune with more vocals handy)

3. Nora En Pure: You Make Me Float (Original Mix)

**DJ Dare: Could we loop 3:24 to 3:32 and mix in the chorus from Metronomy’s Heartbreaker? I was oddly reminded of this classic throwback when I heard One in Three. Must be the whole bro telling bro “that girl is bad news” thing. What do you think?


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