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A little change in the vibe from the regular tracks posted, I fell in love with this real tune in the first 10 seconds after hearing it on Songza. Something about Fractures’ vibe screamed “Australian,” and sure enough - I find that Fractures is from good old Melbourne. Even though I grew up in Sydney, there was always something about the diverse culture and vibrancy of Melbourne that fascinated me. Must be why there is so much good talent coming from there lately (Alpine, Cut Copy, Gossling just to name a few)

I find there are a couple of key things that make this tune simply beautiful. The dry vocals layered on various soft electronic loops, the unexpected drop at 2:19 and the simplicity of the lyrics that almost brought me to tears. The chorus perfectly captures that consistent dilemma of “what-if” vs “let it go.” This song can inspire anyone to pull out a guitar and start writing again. 

Genre: Electro-pop infused with a bit of R & B

Temperature: Cool

Best served: Saturday or Sunday afternoon cafe, low-key wine bar. Pre-opener DJ warmup. 

Recommended mix technique: Gradually start, don’t try to mix it in; the first 10 seconds of this song are truly amazing. The following tracks could be nicely blended:

1. Wildfire - SBTRKT

2. Waves - Branko

3. Getaway - Christoph Andersson

I can’t wait till someone puts out a remix of this track. Be sure to submit it here if you do! 


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